What is REDESS?

It is a Center for Advanced Security Solutions, created to meet the needs tailored to your organization. We strengthen your ecosystem, maintaining the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your information at all times. As in all our services we handle the White Label model.


*If you are an end user, consult your authorized TD SYNNEX channel*

VPN analysis

Identify weaknesses of VPN systems

Protection Cloud

Detection and mitigation of web and DDoS attacks

VPN Metrics

Data monitoring and anomaly detection


(Security Information & Event Management)

Data intelligence and detection of malicious behavior


(Endpoints Detection & Response)

Detection and mitigation of cybersecurity events on end devices

Threat Intelligence

Identification of weaknesses and threats

VPN Vulnerability Analysis

  • Analysis of vulnerabilities to a public IP (VPN).

  • Vulnerability analysis for 10 workstations.

  • Virtual course of "Cybersecurity" available to everyone

Cloud Denial of Service Attack Protection

Protection service for a web domain, guaranteeing its availability against any type of attack. We mitigate attacks in process within a maximum of two hours from deployment.

Protection for a domain and all subdomains by:

  • Smart WAF

  • DDoS mitigation

  • CDN

  • Secure DNS

  • Https mode with own certificate

  • High-speed acceleration cache

VPN Infrastructure Metrics

Monitoring of Firewall data or VPN concentrators on VPN connections to detect anomalies in their behavior as well as to obtain productivity metrics.

Packages by number of monthly users:

  • <100

  • 101-250

  • 251-500

  • > 500

IT Correlation asset events with Security Approach


Correlation of the audit and security information of any device capable of generating logs. By this means, anomalies and threats can be identified in the initial stages and preventive actions can be taken.

Packages per number of monthly monitored Endpoints:

  • <50

  • 51 – 100

  • 101 – 200

  • 200 <

Endpoint Detection & Response, zero-day threat mitigation


Detection and mitigation of cybersecurity events in workstations with event traceability in order to analyze, locate, contain and mitigate security threats.

Packages per amount of monthly Endpoints:

  • 50-100

  • 101-250

  • 251-500

  • > 500

threat intelligence

Find the system weaknesses that can be gateways for an attacker and identify the risks of these for remediation.


Cyber Attacks Map